Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our little Thanksgiving

For years we have traveled to be with family for Thanksgiving. This year we stayed home and a certain family was supposed to visit . . . Things didn't work out so we ended up having a very pleasant dinner followed by a viewing of "Grey's Anatomy" with our newly married friends Sylvia and Gilbert. I made a 24lb turkey complete with stuffing. I also baked a few pies. Our guests brought the really wonderful sides.

Those Crazy 80's

My friend Becky had a really cool birthday party recently. The theme was the 80's. Becky's husband planned the entire thing from buying band posters on eBay to coordinating the Karaoke singing. It was way cool, man!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Young 29

Well, I celebrated another Birthday on November 1st. We did a lot of eating and celebrating. I had been eating healthily for about 5 weeks and lost about 6-7 lbs. The diet went down quickly once my b-day celebrations started. (I haven't gained any weight thankfully and I want to lose 4-5 more lbs.)

The first was at school.
When moving the cake from one place to another someone dropped the cake on its top layer. We were able to eat the bottom layer and still had a good time.
The party continued on the day of my B-day. We went to one of my favorite Hibachi Grills here in town. My buds provided the scrumptious Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake.
Finally, mi esposo planned a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant in Houston "Taste of Texas." Since we started our total money makeover we had not been able to visit the fine steakhouse. It was wonderful! Yummm. I can still taste the awesome center cut fillet cooked in garlic butter . . .

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Next Wedding Please!

Wow! It's the year of engagements and weddings! I just recently had the honor of accepting another wedding party invitation. Yes, the same day Sylvia and Gilbert got married I went to look at dresses for yet another wedding . . . .

I remember many years ago when little Albert Rodriguez was the biting terror of Iglesia Biblica. We were all afraid of the innocent looking child. Albert has grown up to be a hard-working and God- seeking man. The Lord has recently blessed him with Sarah Burnette, his future wife. They will marry in the Spring of '07. Congratulations Guys!

Blast from the Past!

Here are more pics from Sylvia & Gilbert's wedding! I included more pics of our mini middle & high school reunion.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect!


At Last

"At Last" was the song the bride and groom chose for their first official dance as husband and wife. After more than ten years of friendship and then love Sylvia and Gilbert tied the knot. The wedding was a success to say the least. Saw old friends, ate good food, cried a little . .

The weather threatened to make our day of prepartions difficult but by the time the wedding rolled around we had clear skies. Everything just came together for one of the nicest weddings I've ever been a part of.

Here are some pictures of the wedding night. Enjoy!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Girls Having Fun

Well, yesterday we took a little trip to the mall to get some last minute things for the wedding. We got some cool makeovers at Sephora. Check us out!

Here's the blushing bride!

The faithful bridesmaids! (Please excuse my cleavage.)

The makeup artist was awesome. She used this great illuminating cream and a contour brush! Yes, my eyebrows were filled in. At first I thought they were too dark but then I got used to them. Also, check out my spray tan.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Party like you're getting married!

Yes, the party is still going. We are a few weeks away from Sylvia & Gilbert's wedding and the celebrations are taking place. Check out their wedding website at

Last weekend Maribel (Sylvia's maid of honor) planned one of the best bachelorette parties I've ever been to. We started off with dinner at a cool Houston restaurant and then off to the . . . . PARTY!

Here are a few pictures.

Okay people, I was only posing! Ya know I don't drink.

Friday, September 22, 2006

School Has Officially Taken Off

I am exhausted. I sit here typing and I feel like I'm in a complete daze. I 've tried lying down, sleeping, working out, going out but I still feel tired and restless. School has officially taken off so I've been grading exams, planning lessons, etc. It's also time to make the ever so dreaded parent telephone calls for failures. Yes, it has begun.

Well, here is a pic of our great looking Foreign Language department. There are a few missing. Here are our Spanish, French, German and Japanese teachers. Our Latin teacher, one of our French teachers and one of our Spanish teachers are not in the pic.

Friday, September 08, 2006

La Familia Villarreal/Jimenez

I had forgotten to post some pics of my hubby's family.
When we were in San Antonio I got some recent ones.

This pic is of Phillip's mom and his sisters.

This is part of the rest of the fam.

Grandma, Phillip's aunts, cousins and spouses (significant others).

Friday, August 25, 2006

I made it!

Okay, I finally got to audition for the worship team for the Spanish Venue at our church. The audition was very casual. I had to sing a couple of songs to three guys in a small office. I almost freaked but made it through. My voice is so out of practice. I have a sore throat just from practicing for the audition. I've never experienced this before. I guess it's because I've been singing all my life. This last year is probably the longest I've gone without using my voice for singing purposes. Anyway, one of the men I auditioned for is a guy who collaborated with Marcos Witt on a CD. It was pretty interesting!

Well, today we practiced with the group I will be singing with. It was so wonderful to do that again. The ladies I sang with today did a fab job. We did a three part harmony in most of the songs and it sounded really well.

The man leading the worship is a Juan Salinas. He looks and sounds very familiar. He is very talented. I know he has produced records but I don't have all the 411 on him yet. We are practicing tomorrow with the actual band. I am excited since our Spanish Venue services resume this Sunday. If you can, please pray for our service.

Calling All Teachers

Another school year has begun! I just can't belive how fast time passes. I am very glad to say that my classes, even though large are quite good. This year seems so different from the last. I don't feel like I'm completely lost anymore. Our district and more specifically our school are just so organized and on top of things, it's fascinating. I have the same schedule as last year which kind of bites because I have my time off in the morning. We have lots of new teachers at our school since we now have a Senior Class. Last year was the school's first year in operation and we only housed 9th-11th grades. So, we have a full house! There are approximately 2,300 kiddos.

My classes are very large, anywhere between 25-32 teens. I teach Spanish I six times a day to about 180 bodies. Whew! As you can imagine, I am pooped! This year my classroom is being used for After School Detention! Why? I really don't know or understand it but when asked I said "yes." Call me crazy. Hope this gets me a good evaluation. Well, we'll see what this year has in store for me.

To all teachers out there, may God bless you and keep you! Take time to rest up, take a walk, get a massage and most importantly fuel up on Spiritual strength. I pray that the daily tasks and struggles don't distract us from the mission set out for us. Honestly, some days I really don't know how I make it through. Surely, by God's mercy and grace things are possible.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ooooh! I have cool news. If you are ever in San Antonio you have to visit a new restaurant on the Riverwalk called "acenar." Phillip's aunt Lisa owns this and another restaurant called "Rosario's." Both restaurants are awesome but the new one is gorgeous with three floors and beautiful patio seating. You've got to try it! (Sorry about the bad picture!)

A Shower for the Bride

Sylvia and Gilbert will wed on October 14th this year. We were able to get together for an intimate shower for the bride-to-be in the Valley. It was really cool to be able to take pictures with our childhood friends as well as our moms. The shower was a success and now begins the countdown to the big day!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Grandpa Jimenez is no longer with us.

Phillip's grandfather Edward Jimenez died this morning at 6:30am in San Antonio. He had suffered various illnesses in the past months. He collapsed yesterday and was taken to the ER where he never regained consciousness. Family from all over came to see him and shortly after his blood pressure decreased until no more.

Grandpa Pooch (as Phillip called him) took Phillip under his wing when his parents divorced. Grandpa introduced Phillip to bowling and soon it became his hobby too. When Phillip lived in San Antonio he'd pick up Grandpa once a week for a night of league bowling. Phillip says that he is grateful for Grandpa's care, concern and patience for him. He was and always will be a powerful influence in Phillip's life.

Grandpa Jimenez was the cutest and sweetest little old man I knew. When Phillip and I began dating he was the first to make me feel welcome. I remember a time when I was still trying to impress the family. I had offered to iron a shirt for him. He gave it to me hesitantly. As I attempted to iron the shirt I noticed that the iron had leaked and made a huge stain on the front pocket. I was so embarrassed and was certain that he knew exactly how to work the ancient iron. He was willing to risk losing his shirt in order to help me feel useful and accepted. He took the shirt and hid it so no one would know. What a sweet man! We will miss him greatly.

Please pray for a time of reflection and unity during this time. Also pray for peace and strength for the family, especially for Grandma.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

.... and Many More

Samantha, my friend of 20 plus years celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday! The night started off with a yummy dinner at a Japanese steak house.

After dinner Samantha attempted to cut the cake wearing the chef hat and using the sharp sword.

People gathered from all over Houston to celebrate with the nicest and friendliest girl I've ever known!

Here are a few pics from this morning as she opened one more gift from Phillip and I. We were very honored to be able to give her a Bible of her very own. Sam has officially become a member of our church and has committed her life to Christ.