Sunday, April 08, 2007

Reasons to Celebrate

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Our Redeemer lives. We celebrate His resurrection and victory! I take for granted that I receive God's grace everyday. I receive it in my husband's loving kiss, my father's care, my brothers' health, etc. I don't often reflect and rejoice in that. Instead I try to find what is wrong with my world. Blessed are we my friends!

Speaking of blessings, Phillip and I are celebrating that this month we paid off our 5th credit card. Soon we hope to be calling Dave Ramsey on his radio show with our Debt Free story ( . We are so excited! The Lord has used this Total Money Makeover to help transform our lives. It has given us new hopes and dreams for our future. Well, I have to go. Just wanted to share a little about what is going on around here.

If you think of us please keep us in your prayers. We are working on a few project this year and would like to keep distractions to a minimum. Pray that we would be disciplined and obedient.