Monday, April 27, 2009

It's been too long!

Okay, so I am really behind on posts. Part of the reason is that I like to put pics in my posts and my camera broke!!! It just doesn't work anymore. I guess we'll have to get a new one. Does anyone have any advice? I want a good camera but not one too bulky to carry around. Cost is also something to keep in mind. I know good cameras are expensive but I like a good deal.

Anyway, work is going very well. I really feel like I have a better grasp on things. I'm not sure how my summer is gonna go since I'm saving my vacation days to go to the Valley for Staci's birth and Jonathan's graduation. I'll be working 4 day weeks starting in June so that's cool. The days will be longer so I already have a few ideas about how to make my days go faster. I'm looking forward to getting my office painted and decorated.

Oh, we found a new church in The Woodlands called Faith Bible Church. The more we visit the more we like. We started searching last year since we felt we wanted a smaller church and a good place for our someday children to grow up. The teaching here is different than most churches in the area and we feel this may be the place God is leading us so we are giving it a shot. Another good thing is that we know a couple that attends FBC and they are helping us get connected.

Our couples small group is still going strong. Although we are no longer going to Fellowship of the Woodlands we still meet on a weekly basis for fellowship and Bible study. We have truly come to love this group. We've all become really close friends and we are so grateful for one another.

We are very slowly but surely making changes to our home. There is so much to be done but we've got to start somewhere. Phillip started in the garage. He has organized it and I am so proud of him. You know he's got a million devices, computer parts and tools. It was getting very frustrating with all that stuff everywhere. I'll have to take a pic and post the great job he did. Next, we are working on upgrading/replacing our light fixtures. The house came with the basic/ugly stuff and I've now picked what I want in the kitchen and dining room. I think our flower beds are next. We're looking at stone - lots to keep us busy for a while.

All in all we are truly blessed. We've got our struggles and pain but the Lord is faithful and just and we are learning to rely on him more and more.

Please remember us in your prayers as we embark on new endeavors ;)