Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Hole In Our Hearts

Today I talked to a friend who is considering living her life for Christ. She expressed the emptiness, hunger and unsatisfaction she has experienced in her life - the "God-shaped hole" in her heart. I was greatly touched as she explained how God has started to satisfy her hunger and thirst for him. As a child I often heard people talk about how there comes a time in everyone's life in which only God can quench our thirst. We acknowledge that something is missing. I myself experience that on a daily basis but I really wondered how it works with nonbelievers. Today my friend reminded me that God created us all, believers and nonbelievers. We not only have to acknowldge we need God but we have to be honest enough to admit it and accept it. This is where the line is drawn. Do we accept our depraved state or do we pretend it does not exist? Do we allow God to complete us or do we resort to all else the enemy offers for "fulfillment?"

Monday, June 19, 2006

A Summer of Change.

Miguel and Brenda have been our faithful friends for a very long time. Miguel recently graduated from the Dallas Theological Seminary and will be working in Weslaco, Texas as an Associate Pastor. I thank them for being a great example of faithful and obedient servants of God!

Is there a doctor in the house?

Who would have known that there would be such an array of talent in our PSJA Class of '96?

On May 27, 2006 (ten years since our high school grad and twenty since we met) we celebrated our dear friend Sylvia's graduation from the U of H Medical School! Congratulations to my friend. We will soon be celebrating her and Gilbert's walk down the aisle.

Picture (left to right) Lora - genetics researcher, Samantha - special agent, Sylvia - doctor, Me - teacher

Gorgeous Backdrop

This picture was taken after church one beautiful Sunday morning. This fountain/pool was donated to our church. On Easter Sunday countless people were baptized here.

Everybody's doing it!

It seems that everywhere I turn people are blogging! I want in on the fun too! Don't know how exciting my life is but I hope someone will be interested! My church Fellowship of the Woodlands is doing a series on BLOG and our Pastor Kerry Shook is sharing insights into his Spiritual Journey. If you want to check it out go to