Thursday, October 29, 2009

Establishing Priorities

So, while we're waiting for our little miracle to happen we've been talking about establishing some solid habits and/or routines for our family. If it's difficult for a childless couple to make each other a priority, I can't imagine how it is once a baby comes. I know all too well what it is to care for a baby or two; it's a full time job! I also know how important it is to make my husband a priority. I'm going to start working towards that goal and I think I know where to start - thinking less about me and more about him. Usually after work I do all kinds of things to take care of myself and I really don' t consider what things Phillip may need my help with. I schedule my workouts, plan healthy meals (for myself because he will have none of that), update my blog, schedule my relaxation time in front of the t.v., etc. All the while taking for granted that Phillip can take care of himself. I know he needs me even though he may not vocalize it often. I'll start with considering one thing each day that concerns him and his needs and do it gladly.

Hopefully this will help us put each other before anything or anyone else when kids come.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What now?

Just to make a clarification, I am not pregnant. I know that the title of my blog and my post might be things that someone who's prayer had already been answered would say. It's definitely easier to give God praise when we've received his blessings. Although I find myself in an undesirable circumstance I still feel very blessed and God deserves all the glory.

Phillip and I already has suspicions that the ultrasound would come back normal. God's been leaving us hints about what we believe He wants us to do next and I will share that in the next few days.

Thanks to all of you who left comments and sent emails. I feel so loved by God and by all of you. Please don't hesitate in letting me know how I can pray for you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Have you ever . . . . .?

Have you ever stood at the top of a hill admiring creation and thought "It had to have been God who created all this."? Have you ever been so amazed at your circumstances or situation and thought "Only God could have orchestrated this."?

It's so easy for a person as myself to walk through this life taking everything for granted. I believe this is one of the reasons God is working (in mysterious ways) on me, my husband and our marriage. We are specifically dealing with "infertility" issues. Many years and a considerable amount of tests later we've come to find out that we have no known medical issues preventing us from getting pregnant. This has caused us to slow down and really question a lot of things. I know that if God would have granted me a baby the moment I first wanted one I would have taken that for granted too. And now I know that if he ever graces us with a child that I will love and appreciate that baby so much more than the old Imee ever could.

There are so many people God has brought into our lives in the past few years that have given us much love and encouragement. I have shared our burden with many of you and I've decided to share our journey and prayer requests through this blog.

Here's our checklist and today's update:
1. Ovulation - check
2. Sperm analysis - check
3. Timed Intercourse - check
4. Hormone tests - check
5. HSG - check (clear tubes)
6. Lots of prayer - check, check, check!

Today I went for one more test, an ultrasound. It was actually very cool! I got to see what my uterus and ovaries look like. In the words of the technician "This is a perfectly normal ultrasound, uterus is great, ovaries are perfect!"

We kinda saw that one coming!

What's next you say? We don't have all the answers but no matter what comes, some day I hope to be able to tell our children that it had to have been God who brought them to us. I'll write more tomorrow.

Meanwhile, keep us in your prayers. Also, feel free to leave your words of advice or encouragement! I know I'm going to really need you guys.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Table and Bench

I apologize that I have not posted pics of our table and bench. This was taken when the table was still in Indonesia (it's a bit dusty). It finally arrived in July and we loooovee it! It's gorgeous and super sturdy. I haven't posted pics since it's been home because I'm still working on decorating the dining room. Phillip's got to put up a light fixture and we need chairs. The chairs we want are a bit pricey so it may be a while; we pay cash for everything these days.