Thursday, November 08, 2007

Over the Hill!

I can't believe I haven't posted since September - school is just kicking my butt!

Well, people, it has finally come. I am now officially over the hill. I turned the big 30 last week. I promise you I have started to feel the effects of old age. I've had coffee three days in a row (I NEVER DRINK COFFEE!), I'm exhausted, immaturity gets on my nerves more than ever . . . I can go on but I will stop and post some pictures of my wonderful costume birthday party!

The cake matched the party invitations perfectly!

I want to say thanks to my friends Samantha, Lora, Whitney & Jamey, Andrea, Carlie & Eric, Michelle and Becky for all their help planning and making the party a hit. You all are awesome! I especially want to thank my husband Phillip for cooking the most delicious brisket, sausage and fajitas ever. He was a star - everyone said so. I also want to thank the fam for coming out. I loved being able to share that day with both my friends and family.

Yes, that's my hubby dressed as Cartman from South Park!

The Bucher's all nerded up!

What's a party without karaoke and a little hot potato (horse)?