Friday, January 09, 2009

Seven Years of Love!

Yep, another anniversary. Do you remeber that chilly but very romantic January night Phillip and I got married? It was seven years ago . . . . man, we're old!

Notice how Phillip just loves the camera ;)

Of course we made our annual visit to our fave steak place "Taste of Texas." Friends joined us for the yummy evening. Here are the girls.

We had our private celebration on our actual anniversary a few days later . . . . .sorry, no pictures.

We celebrated New Year's Eve at "Libby D Ranch." We were firework popping fools in the 30 degree weather. It was a blast!

Happy New Year!

Holiday Recap

We spent Christmas in the Valley with family and friends. Here are my little brothers.

I had really wanted to sing Christmas carols and my wish came true when Sam brought out his guitar. It was really great singing with the ole family. A special treat was singing with a good friend and singing partner of 10 years Stephanie Martinez.

My sister-in-law received a few gifts for baby Staci Grace.

While in the Valley I had the great opportunity to hear "Redeemed" the IB Youth Band which Stephen and Jonathan are a part of. What talent!

The week ended with a super fun night out with the BSM girls.