Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cheers to Cheryl!

Yes my friends, another wedding. My brand new friends Cheryl and Craig will be getting married this summer. These are pictures at her bachelorette party.

We had a great time! Although, I did get pulled over by a cop on the way home for going 39 on a 30. Thank God I was only given a warning.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Libby D Ranch

I had the most relaxing and interesting getaway last week. My dear friend Carlie invited me to spend a week at her mom's ranch in East Texas. It was just wonderful. Her mother Libby is such a sweet hostess and made me feel right at home. She cooked the most wonderful meals. A couple of nights we had meat from the cattle on her ranch. Cool huh? Here are pictures of the "tank" or pond at the ranch.

We also went fishing. I actually put the live bait through the hook and caught 7 fish! These pictures are taken at a lake in the area.

Here are some pictures of us having fun
climbing the largest rocking chair in the world, picking berries at a berry farm, and riding the motorcycle.

An Older Man!

My dearest husband turned 30 last Thursday, June 14th. We headed out to "Taste of Texas" of course and then to "Dave & Buster's" for some games. Throughout the evening friends and family showed up to the different activities as surprise guests. He had a fabulous time!

The biggest surprise of the evening was when Erik (Phillip's best man) showed up. Phillip & EriK had lost touch for a few years. Phillip didn't know I had found him and invited him to the party. As you can see they wasted no time catching up. They picked up right where they left off!