Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Holidays

Hello everyone! It seems that so much has been happening in our lives in these last few months that we've neglected to blog. My laptop crashed shortly after we got home from our Christmas mini-vacation and I lost all my documents and pics from the last 3 years. My hubby kept reminding me to save them on our server but I was very lazy and never "got around to it." He's trying to recuperate them while "sharing" his computer with me.

Our Christmas celebrations began in The Woodlands at my friend Shara's home. Here I stand next to two pregnant women. Hopefully it's contagious ;)

We went to the Valley a week before Christmas for my hubby to do some work and so I could get some family time in. Here we are at Milton and Wendi's where we took this great Salinas family picture.
You have probably noticed that there are no little ones running around. We were all aware of the fact that maybe by next Christmas the Salinas clan could have an addition. No, nobody is pregnant yet but everyone is very hopeful.

Our first Christmas in San Antonio was very nice. We got to spend some quality time with Phillip's mother, sisters and extended family. The big announcement there was given by Phillip's sister Jessica. After having graduated from college a few years ago she is ready for a change and has enlisted in the military. She hopes to become an officer and do something in intelligence. We were all shocked at the news but very glad that we could spend this Christmas with her. Notice her teary eyes.

Finally, on January 5th we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Yes, five wonderful years people. We were appropriately seated in the wine room - that is how you get through five years . . . NOT!!! It's all about chocolate. We're still trying to finish that 1o inch chocolate cake.