Saturday, September 27, 2008

Powerless but not Friendless

It has been 2 weeks since Ike. Work was chaotic but I am glad to be back. On Monday administration was responsible for helping out at schools throughout the district. I had the privilege of helping out with a Pre-K class at Glenloch Elementary. The kids were adorable and so glad to be back to school. I had quite a morning - during lunch time I talked to little ones that were crying because they were missing their mommies! Poor babies, they had just gotten used to going to school and then Ike comes to ruin everything.
Well, power is still being restored to the surrounding areas. I am so glad we got ours back when we did. One great thing about this whole ordeal has been the bonding we did with our neighbors. We hung out almost every night beginning with a "board up your house " party on Friday night. Here are some pics of our powerless nights at Princeton Place.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ay que Ike!

Is Ike short for something else? Well, I sit here in our dining room posting pics and updates while our generator runs. We lost power Saturday about 3:30am when the hurricane reached us. It was a scary time listening to the wind blowing as if haunting our house. The rain did not come to a stop until about 6:00pm on Sunday . . . and even then it kept coming and going. We've had running water throughout. Gas stove works and we can take a hot shower. Another blessing is this wonderful cold front. We've been able to sleep with no problems with this great breeze coming through our windows. Here are a few pics of our surrounding areas.