Friday, August 06, 2010

Question #3

I've discovered stains on two articles of clothing. The pants and shorts are white. I'm not sure what caused the stains but since Natalie has been home she's had a few accidents and spit-ups. The stains are brown in color and seem to be set for life. Do you all know what causes these? Poop? Breast milk? Formula? Spit up? If so, how can we avoid these stains from setting?


Elizabeth said...

fav product for baby stain-remover is OxiClean Baby in a spray bottle. They have it at BRU, maybe?? This is more for when you find the stain before it goes through the wash.

if both items are white, take a bleach pen to them & see if that helps.

ashley said...

I always checked Abigail's clothes before throwing them in the washing machine to spot treat the clothes if needed. I still have to spot treat Abigail's clothes before washing them. I used shout or oxiclean to treat stains. I don't think that formula or breastmilk can stain, but I'm not sure. I know Abigail had to take a liquid vitamin when she came home from the hospital & that stuff stained everything if she spit up. Also, once they start baby food, the orange & other colors of baby food can stain the clothes.